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The Ultimate Led Sign Council Approval Guide

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What is Council Approval?

Council approval is the process of gaining approval from your local council to install a sign. Councils can be local governments or state governments. For example, if you live in Queensland, you'll need to get council approval for any signs that are over 1m high. However, if you live in Victoria, you'll need to get council approval for any signs that are over 2m high (or 3 meters if they're within 100 meters of a freeway).

How do I get Council Approval?

Getting council approval can be a long and arduous process but there are plenty of things you can do to make it easier on yourself. The most important thing is to make sure that your application meets all the relevant requirements and complies with all relevant laws and regulations. This is why having an expert on your side can be so helpful when it comes time to apply for council permission.

When do I need council approval for a led sign or digital sign?

The short answer is: ALWAYS. If you're thinking about installing an LED signage in Melbourne, there are a few things you should know.

Council approval is not always required, but it's always recommended.

If you want to LED signage for business or Signage with LED lights, or even just add a new fascia to your shopfront, there are some things you need to consider. Council approval is one of them. Why? Because your council may have rules about the size and location of signage in your area and how far away it must be from other businesses' signs.

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Not only that, but they may also have rules about what kind of signage they will allow in certain areas – whether it be a residential area or commercial zone. One thing we've noticed is that councils tend to be stricter when it comes to signs near schools or hospitals. This makes sense because these areas are generally more sensitive than others due to the type of people who live and work there.

How long does obtaining council approval take?

The process can vary depending on how busy the relevant council officer is at the time of submission as well as how complicated your application is in terms of paperwork required by law. Typically, it takes around three weeks for your application to be reviewed once submitted but this can sometimes take longer depending on how complicated your application is and how busy the officer is at the time of submission.

Innovate Digital is experienced in creating signage documents which contain all the information required by the council to ensure you get approval as soon as possible.

What type of sign can I place without council approval?

There is a sign planning scheme for every municipality in Australia. Rules as to when a planning permit for a sign vary slightly between states, however as a guide you may not need a planning permit for signage which is is not:

  • An advertising sign on a commercial site or building, under 8m2
  • A sign in a non-commercial area (eg residential) under 0.7m2
  • New External illuminated signs
  • Replacing an existing sign with the same type of signage (eg signboard replaced with new signboard)

What are the rules about LED signs in your area?

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In Australia, most councils require businesses to get approval before installing a new LED sign or to change their signage with led lights. This is because they want to ensure that all signage is safe, effective and doesn’t distract drivers or pedestrians. Councils also want to ensure that all signage meets the standards set out by transport authorities such as VicRoads or Transport NSW.

The good news is that most councils offer free advice on how best to meet these requirements when installing your new sign.

"Get in contact with your local council, who will be able to help you out and give you a guideline of what type of signage you can and cannot have."